During a recent morning walk, I was listening to Les Brown and heard something that really caught my attention. The message was so powerful I was inspired to share a few takeaways this morning.

Our Words Have Power

When we put our commitments into the universe it forces us to have ‘some skin in the game’.

As such, our natural tendency is to either make fake commitments or run from anything that looks like a commitment.

For example, when someone asks us to do something and we say, “I’ll try to do it” that’s really just another way of saying – “Not on your life, Bruh.”

So, let’s be honest, ‘I’ll try’ is just a crutch to fall back on when we come up short at delivery time… Do we really want to live this way? I don’t. Which is why Family First Life United VP, Ryan Montalto’s 90-day challenge from the Thursday night call (Sept 26, 2019) resonated with me. Sidenote: I ACCEPT. 10K all the way for October (Ben B).

Why We Must Follow Through on Our Commitments

Still straddling the fence on why ‘keeping our word’ matters? Here’s food for thought on why anyone wishing to reach the next level MUST keep his/her commitments …

1. Builds strength. Following through on our word grows our mental muscles. Anytime we affirm a decision to do x, y or z, we’re also saying what we won’t do. In other words, putting our intent out for the world to see forces us to pay a price.⁣ ‌

Of course, our subconscious knows this, which is why it tries to shield us from discomfort by shying away from opportunities to commit. Why do you think so many would rather run around in a 5, 10, or 15 year “committed relationship” but flee any mention of marriage?

2. Establishes credibility. In this new Millennium we like to pretend what others think about us doesn’t affect us. And yes, what we think of ourselves matters more than the opinions of others. However, there comes a time when we must admit we’re not islands and need the help of someone who’s already conquered whatever we’re currently facing.⁣⁣‌

That said, if our track record says, “don’t trust me, you’ll get burned” why would anyone stick there neck out there only to get humiliated? Once we get to the point where our “word is bond” the right folks take notice, which makes it easier to reach our goals.⁣

3. Things just fall into place. One of the coolest things about following through on our commitments is when you do it long enough the stars just seem to align in your favor. That’s not to say there won’t be trials and tribulations the moment you step out on faith.⁣⁣‌

But do the right things long enough and you’ll notice seemingly impossible hurdles get pushed aside when you least expect it. Don’t believe it? Just look at Family First Life Council Member, Mike Killimett, as an example.⁣⁣ Here’s someone who affirmed he’d have a 7-figure-a-month independent life insurance agency years before it was a thing. Sure, he’s had his fair share of stumbling blocks – but look at him now…

Are you wrestling with yourself over whether or not to commit? Consider this… Whether you’re sitting at the computer pondering whether to spend that last $50 on your state life insurance exam or you’re looking for reasons to delay that next ‘life leads’ purchase – know that either way, you’re making a choice.

To Commit, or Not to Commit? That’s the Question… 

No matter which decision you choose you’repaying—either you make yourself uncomfortable now by making and following through on your commitment NOW or you defer it until the interest piles up later.

The decision is yours. What’s it gonna be?